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Derek Chittenden

Consultant and Director of BlueGreen Planning + Design

“How can cities perform like forests?” is a question Derek tries to answer with every urban project and development he touches.                 

Growing up in Zimbabwe, Derek developed a love for Africa and its wilderness, which led him to become a committed environmentalist with a passion for creating sustainable projects that positively impact the planet. Over the years, he has worked on many groundbreaking and innovative developments across South Africa, Costa Rica, Seychelles, Comoros Islands, Tanzania, and more.

Today, Derek offers his experience in sustainable planning, urban design, conservation and development planning, regenerative system design, and more to our clients. If you want to bring a project to life that is in complete harmony with the needs of the planet and that enhances today’s communities and the future, he’s the guy that can make it happen.

Notable Projects

Gilbert Sunglee


Gilbert has worked with one of the most important property development and management companies for over a decade.

From successfully managing properties to designing placemaking precincts and repositioning historical buildings, his experience gives him unique insight into what makes the local market “tick”.

A strong proponent of the customer-centric approach, Gilbert has applied his project management philosophy across various industries to create fair and supportive work environments for staff members and tenants while converting low to no-yield properties into performing ones.

Whether you’re thinking of bringing in a concept from abroad or developing one from scratch, you can count on his expertise to make it fit right into the Mauritian context and deliver results.

Notable Projects